(BCA) Bookstore Campus Account

Girl With Books

The Bookstore Campus Account is a taxable* debit account.

The account can be opened in $100 increments ranging from $200 through $1,100 per semester. The amount you select is charged to your Student Account each semester and can be deferred against financial aid or paid in monthly installments utilizing the University's Time Option Payment Plan (TOPP).

The account offers you the convenience of purchasing textbooks and school supplies in the University Bookstore, Seawolves MarketPlace and Matthew's HSC Bookstore with your University ID card.

End Dates:
Fall semester: October 15.
Spring Semester: March 15.


  • Unused funds of $5 or more will be refunded to your student account.
  • Unused funds of less than $5 will be transferred to your Wolfie Wallet account if you have prepaid for this expense. If you did not prepay for your BCA, then the balance will be credited back to your student account.

*Textbooks are not taxable. School supplies are taxable.

For more information please download the brochure.